April 6, 2018




We are proud to host an all-ages 25th Anniversary screening event for Super Mario Bros.: The Movie at The State Theatre​ in Modesto, California on Saturday, April 28th!

The event will feature costumed performers, audience engagement games, face-painting, dinosaur concession snacks, a costume contest, and even prizes!

Admission: $12 for adults; $8 for kids 12 and under.

Doors, characters, and face-painting begin at 6PM; film and fun starts at 7PM.


Pizza will be available at the Python Pizza concession stand, including the extra spicy "Koopa Special." (Choice of jalapeños or hot sauce)

For more information and tickets please visit the calendar and event pages and view the image gallery:





Modesto State Theatre 25th Anniversary Screening--Flyer Modesto State Theatre 25th Anniversary Screening--Koopa Special Artwork Modesto State Theatre 25th Anniversary Screening--Theatre Marquee


We hope to see you there! Trust the Fungus!



April 2, 2018




We are excited to announce a 25th anniversary screening of Super Mario Bros.: The Movie in Montreal, Quebec on April 25th!


This event will be hosted by Drunken Cinema MTL at 179 Rue Jean-Talon-Ouest, Montreal, Quebec H2R 2X2 at the Bar Le Ritz PDB.


Doors open at 7PM, while the screening begins at 8PM. Tickets are $7 at the door ("includes cards and props") and you must be 18 or older to attend.

For more information or to RSVP please visit the Facebook event page and/or view the image gallery below:


Bar le Ritz/Drunken Cinema 25th Anniversary Screening--Flyer Bar le Ritz/Drunken Cinema 25th Anniversary Screening--Cards/Props


Special thanks to David Oxford of Canadian website Mario's Hat for covering the event in his Montreal Mario Movie Madness article.



October 10, 2017




Our 4K restoration initiative is kicking into high gear! Hot off the heels of our restoration of "The Power" trailer from the Super Mario Bros. movie comes our newest addition to the archive: the "This Ain't No Game" trailer is now available to watch in 4K resolution!


This trailer--full of never-before-seen footage--has been released online, presented exclusively by The Super Mario Bros. The Movie Archive website. The original 35mm trailer was in the personal collection of webmaster Ryan Hoss (who commissioned a 4K scan through Raleigh's A/V Geeks), and SMB Archive's Rory Joscelyne performed color and white balance restoration through his Reset Media Productions studio.


Much like "The Power" trailer that has been restored previously, "This Ain't No Game" is presented in the "open matte" style, giving fans a look at footage from the film that has never been seen before. For a more detailed description of the whole process (in addition to an imbed of the trailer video itself), check out the full article HERE!



September 11, 2017




"The Power" trailer from the 1993 Super Mario Bros. movie just got a heck of an upgrade.


A newly restored 4K scan of the trailer--named after the 1990 Snap! dance track it features--has been released online, presented exclusively by The Super Mario Bros. The Movie Archive website. The original 35mm trailer was acquired by friend of the site Ben Gourlay (who commissioned a 4K scan), and SMB Archive's Rory Joscelyne performed color and white balance restoration through his Reset Media Productions studio.


In addition to the 4K clarity, the trailer is presented in the "open matte" style, giving fans a look at footage from the film that has never been seen before. For a more detailed description of the whole process (in addition to an imbed of the trailer video itself), check out the full article HERE!



September 8, 2017




Back in January, I teased some additional content related to the Zavvi-exclusive Super Mario Bros. steelbook release, and now I've finally been able to post exactly what that content is. My apologies for the huge gap in updates there--we're still getting back into the swing of things around here.


What we've been able to do is have a chat with artist Paul Shipper, who provided us a revealing look at the creative process involved in the production of his cover art used for the Zavvi Super Mario Bros. steelbook! It's a great read--check it out HERE!


And that's not all--we've got another exciting update that we'll post within the next week (but probably sooner). Keep your eyes peeled--a few of our good fans and friends are bringing us something worth its weight in pixels.



January 1, 2017




If you've just now stumbled upon our website, welcome!


There's probably a good reason you've made your way here--the news that the 1993 Super Mario Bros. film will again be re-released on Blu-Ray is quite exciting! Thanks to the fine folks at Zavvi, there will be an exlusive, limited edition steelbook that will be released on February 13, 2017, featuring gorgeous new artwork from Paul Shipper. You can pre-order the Blu-Ray HERE.


It's worth noting that underneath the new bells and whisltes of the steelbook packaging is the same (but excellent) Second Sight release from 2014. If you live in the US, please remember that this is still a region 2 release. All of our previous Blu-Ray coverage still stands, so here's all of that information if you're so inclined:





If you're a returning reader, thanks for stopping by. I apologize for the lack of updates since the Blu-Ray released; it was a gigantic "mission accomplished" moment for us and it seemed like a good time to let that stand for a while. Rest assured, though, there is still an insurmountable amount of content left to go, and we've been quietly working behind the scenes for some great events for the film's 25th anniversary next year. In the meantime, check out our updated YouTube channel, and be on the lookout for some fun content related to this steelbook Blu-Ray release in the near future!



November 3, 2014




"Trust the Fungus."


The silly--yet remarkably deep--catchphrase that lies at the heart of the Super Mario Bros. film has echoed in my head ever since I started this website back in 2007. The primary goal of all the research, interviews, articles, and screenings was to get people thinking and talking about the film again. To help cement its cult classic status in the minds of geeks everywhere. And in doing that, Steven and I really--really--wanted the film to get a proper high-definition release so we can all enjoy Super Mario Bros. the way it was meant to be seen.

On November 3rd, 2014, those lofty dreams become reality when Super Mario Bros. releases on Blu-Ray, courtesy of UK distributor Second Sight.


Second Sight contacted us early in 2014 and wanted to get our opinions on what the fan community would like to see on a potential Blu-Ray release. We had a LOT of ideas, and SS worked tirelessly throughout the year to make as many of those dreams happen as they could. The result? A superb Blu-Ray and the definitive Super Mario Bros. experience. READ ON for a breakdown of the entire package...



October 19, 2014




Second Sight's Blu-Ray release of Super Mario Bros. is coming in just a few weeks, so now is definitely the time to start getting excited. If for some reason you still haven't decided to get this thing, we put together a little something that might change your mind. Second Sight was nice enough to provide us with an early preview disc, so we've taken a bunch of HD screenshots from the film AND compared them to their original DVD counterpart so you can see how huge of a difference the new transfer makes:


Super Mario Bros. (1993) Blu-Ray vs. DVD Comparison HD 1080p



Keep checking the site for our full review of the Blu-Ray soon. And speaking of reviews, Starburst Magazine has posted one of the first reviews of the release, so check that out as well. And if you've forgotten, the new Blu-Ray and DVD releases are available for pre-order on Amazon:




That's it for now! November 3rd can't get here soon enough!



October 6, 2014




It's just under a month until the highly-anticipated debut of Super Mario Bros. on Region B Blu-Ray, arriving on November 3rd, courtesy of distributor Second Sight! And since there's only a few weeks left, we thought we'd take some time to make a post with some of the most common questions we've been receiving about this release. Hopefully this will clear up some of the confusion and lead you down the path to purchasing a copy when the day arrives!


Q: Super Mario Bros. is finally coming out on Blu-Ray? No way! When does it come out?


A: The Blu-Ray releases on November 3rd on Region B Blu-Ray and DVD, from distributor Second Sight.



Q: It's Region B? I live in the USA. Does that mean it won't work in my PS3 or Blu-Ray player?


A: Unfortunately, you are correct. Since the release is Region B only, you'll have to import the disc and find a way to play it.



Q: I want to import the Blu-Ray. Can you help me figure out how to play it in the USA?


A: Sure! The easiest method would be to purchase a Region-B Blu-Ray player (like THIS one) as well as a Universal Power Converter (like THIS one) and you'll be set. For more info, check out this great blog post over on Arthouse Cowboy.



Q: That sounds like a lot of work. I'll just wait until it comes out in the USA. Any word on when it's coming out here?


A: You might be waiting for quite a while. Disney still holds the distribution rights to Super Mario Bros. in the US, and they currently have no plans to release it here. And, even if they DID come out with their own release, it wouldn't have all of the amazing bonus features that we and the Second Sight crew worked so hard to bring to you!



Q: Okay, I'm ready to Trust the Fungus! Where can I buy the Blu-Ray?


A: The Blu-Ray and DVD releases are both already available for pre-order:




That wraps up the Q&A! We hope that's helped answer any questions you might have about the release. If any additional information pops up, we'll be sure to update this post with the most current information.


Also, if you're looking for some Super Mario Bros. movie talk, SMB Archive's webmaster Ryan guest-starred on another episode of the Sequelcast Podcast! It's mainly about the Saw franchise but they let him plug this website and the upcoming Blu-Ray!



September 4, 2014




We're thrilled to announce the final release date, specs, and bonus features for Second Sight's upcoming Blu-Ray and DVD release of Super Mario Bros. Here's a rundown of what we're getting on November 3rd:







The Blu-Ray and DVD releases are both already available for pre-order:



This re-release has been a long time coming, and Second Sight has gone above and beyond to make this the definitive release of Super Mario Bros. Trust us, folks, you'll want to get your hands on this Blu-Ray and see the film the way it was meant to be seen. This release is the culmination of what this website has lobbied for since its inception. Do yourself a favor and get yourself a copy come November 3rd!



June 25, 2014




It's been a while since our last update, but we can now finally reveal a few more details about the upcoming Super Mario Bros. Blu-Ray release. There's some good news and some bad news...

The bad news is that Second Sight Films has delayed the release from August to November 3rd. The good news is that this was done for the for the very understandable reason that there are several more high-profile interviews scheduled that necessitate more time for editing.

The first of such interviews was with Annabel Jankel, the co-director alongside Rocky Morton--who we have earlier interviewed.

Who else? The fantastic John Leguizamo--Luigi himself.

So, there you have it. Trust the Fungus. It'll be worth the wait.


May 28, 2014




Plumber alert! Today is the 21st anniversary of the film's release.

We've accomplished so much in the last year alone, from the 20th anniversary screening to the sequel comic to convention appearances. We're a much stronger community now than we were a year ago, let alone four when we first started this project.

We only hope to continue growing. The film's upcoming August release on Blu-Ray will be our biggest test yet. It represents the culmination of all our work.

How did you celebrate Memorial Day Weekend and how will you pay tribute to the film? It is more important now than ever considering the loss of Bob Hoskins.



May 21, 2014




The latest page of our Super Mario Bros. 2 Online Sequel Comic has been released!

Reznor and Mario's conversation continues. Will they see eye-to-eye regarding how they see their families?



May 14, 2014




The latest page of our Super Mario Bros. 2 Online Sequel Comic has been released!

Reznor and Mario are now on the tower’s balcony, overlooking the city, but is fresh air enough to make things right for the two of them?



May 8, 2014




The latest page of our Super Mario Bros. 2 Online Sequel Comic has been released!

It was important to us to treat Luigi and Daisy’s relationship realistically by showing that it wouldn’t be completely stable just because they are reunited. Luigi has his insecurities while Daisy has her responsibilities, which will only make it more difficult for them to find love now that another threat has arisen.

We hope they can make it together. They’re a cute couple.



May 5, 2014




Following last week's tragic news of Bob Hoskins' passing, we feel like the best thing we can do to honor his memory is to continue our work on this website--including our canon Super Mario Bros. 2 Sequel Comic. This story will continue, and we feel extremely privileged to keep carrying that torch.

In this latest page we introduce a new character, Mouser. We’re very excited to incorporate him into the story as he is actually the first truly original character we've created for this universe. All other characters either existed in early scripts or deleted scenes, which makes their contribution to the setting more defined. Mouser, on the other hand, is a narrative free-agent. We can do whatever we want with him!


Also, yes: he is Asian. We feel it important to include racial diversity in any work, especially one that can trace it’s origin to so many different cultures. It just makes sense to represent different peoples in a universe rife with ethnic heritage.



April 30, 2014



April 25, 2014




Unless you've been living in a parallel dimension, you'd know that Second Sight Films is bringing Super Mario Bros. to both DVD and Blu-Ray for the first time. This release will feature a new transfer with the best and most proper technical specifications. This alone makes it the most we could have ever hoped for as fans simply wanting to see the film in the best possible format.

In our last update, we revealed that the SMB Movie Archive is working with Second Sight on some new bonus content. For the most part, this is simply interviews with choice cast/crew. Most of those interviewed have already been spoken to by us on the site, but we have a few new surprises. We are ready to announce one of those surprises: co-director Rocky Morton. Check out the photo above for proof!

We're extremely excited for this release. It may be the best we will ever receive, but it will also be the best we deserve. We've earned this. We've worked hard for this as a community. All it took was keeping the film in the spotlight long enough for the right people to notice.

Also, the current release date is August 11th. Until then, Trust the Fungus.



April 23, 2014




The latest page of our Super Mario Bros. 2 Online Sequel Comic has been released!

If you haven't been following the story so far, start back at the beginning so you can find out exactly what happens after the film ends. If you have been following the comic, this latest page features our first look at a creature from the games translated into the film's setting. We're loving exploring this new setting and what it has to offer!



April 11, 2014




Our Super Mario Bros. 2 sequel comic project continues to gain exposure with each new page we post! This week, two members of the team (co-writer Steven Applebaum and artist Eryk Donovan) were invited to do an interview on their work for the Rufus Project Podcast!

Our portion starts at 36 minutes in, so be sure to GIVE IT A LISTEN if you'd like some background on how the project came together and what we have planned next.



March 14, 2014






We are pleased to announce that Super Mario Bros. will be released on Blu-Ray in Summer 2014! The distributor is Second Sight Films, a UK group known for their work on cult horror and sci-fi films. The SMB Movie Archive is working with Second Sight on some important aspects of this release.


Second Sight is a distributor that has been praised for their excellent remastering of films as well as their production of new bonus features. Both are planned for Super Mario Bros.

Check back for the latest on this exciting development! Looks like trusting the fungus all these years has finally paid off!



March 1, 2014




What a fitting first update for 2014!


The SMB Movie Archive has learned from a very reliable source that a Blu-Ray release of Super Mario Bros. could happen in 2014. According to our source, some very exciting developments toward this re-release of the film have been made in the past week.


While we can't reveal any details just yet, we can say that if this project comes to fruition, it will be the most important thing that can happen for the fans and the mission of this website.


What would YOU like to see in a Blu-Ray release of Super Mario Bros.? Anamorphic widescreen? High-definition video and audio? Special features? SHOOT ME AN E-MAIL and I'll post an update with the best responses!



December 31, 2013




As 2013 comes to a close, I'd like to reflect on the amazing year that we've had at the SMB Movie Archive. The 20th Anniversary of the Super Mario Bros. film was something we've looked forward to celebrating for the past few years. To commemorate the event, we hosted a number of anniversary screenings of the film and launched an in-canon sequel comic! Here's a rundown of our best content of the past year:







Although the 20th anniversary has come and gone, 2014 has the potential to be even better. Our Super Mario Bros. 2 comic begins its second issue this coming week, and we have plans to resume with some SMB Archive content updates that lots of fans have been looking forward to. Until then, trust the fungus!


If you're wondering where all the old updates went, check out our update archive page.





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